No one can deny woodworking is one of the most artistic jobs these days.

To take the job in a batter height, you need the best tool every time. While using a power tool is a must-have tool, a corded circular saw draws the most attention being the most desired saw for the artists.


But getting the best tool is always daunting. However, we did the work for you, and the following reviews are the result. Check them out to find the finest one.

Our Top Picks

Image 描述
DEWALT DWE575SB Lightweight Circular Saw (編輯評級:4.9 / 5)
Makita 5007MGA Corded Circular Saw (編輯評級:4.8 / 5)
SKIL 5180-01 Corded Circular Saw (編輯評分:4.7 / 5)

5 Best Corded Circular Saw Reviews in 2021

The following section carries a wisely-taken list of the best corded circular saw for the artists who deserve the best tool. Though the following saws share some identical features, finding the right one isn’t so tough.

1. DEWALT DWE575SB 7-1/4-inch Lightweight Circular Saw –編輯選擇

DEWALT DWE575SB 7-1/4-inch Lightweight Circular Saw

我們的第一個圓形圓形鋸德沃爾德DWE575SB 7-1 / 4英寸圓鋸來自世界領先的電動工具製造商。它讓我們驚訝於重量,性能和舒適性。Dewalt圓鋸DWE575SB的設計是我們編輯所喜好的另一標準。

The Dewalt dwe575sb is straightforward that requires no advanced sawing skill. Once you get introduced to it, you can master easily. The 9-pound circular saw is inspiring for the carpenters leaving no fatigue for the carpenters. While the saw measures only 16.2 x 10.1 x 10.5 diameter, it takes small space to store.

當看到驚人地緊湊,durable too. The dewalt dwe575sb circular saw is engineered with several features to ensure durability. Introducing the ToughCord cord system, it ensures excellent resistance to cord pullouts. So, you don’t need to worry if you accidentally mess with the cord frequently.




  • Endorsed by a patented motor which is 15A powerful and highly capable.
  • 鋸隻重8.8磅,即使在具有挑戰性的情況下也易於使用。
  • 用無刷電機改善,不會讓電機變熱。
  • 采用45度和22.5度的高斜坡容量製成。

2. Makita 5007MGA Magnesium Corded Circular Saw –高級挑選

Makita 5007MGA 7-1/4

Our next pick for top rated corded circular saw is Makita 5007MGA 7-1/4” Magnesium Circular Saw. Made of durable magnesium, the saw itself marketing its power and prestige. With deep cutting capacity and ease of use, the saw became the woodworkers’ dream tool for roofers, framers and carpenters.

The powerful motor that collaborates with an ultra-sharp and heavy-duty 7-1/4-inch carbide-tipped framing blade will renew your woodworking experiences with this Makita corded circular saw. The 2 3/8-inch cutting depth by setting at 90-degree, cutting a profound piece of lumber is a breeze.

雖然15-AMP強大的電機提供5000 rpm,但鎂元件使鋸均勻平衡,重量較低。除此之外,MAKITA鎂5007mga采用電動製動器,通過簡化控製過程來提高生產率。

It offers double stops for bevel cuts. If you set the blade at 46-degree, you can get up to 1 ¾-inch bevel cut, while setting the blade at 50-degree you can feed the blade up to 1 9/16-inch bevel cut. And all the process is made easy with a lever attached to the grip.

The Makita circular saw 5007mga further improves the ease of use with a well-balanced and rubberized handle that allows the user to claim more control over the saw and the operation. The ample space between the blade case and the rear handle brings more comforts as the narrow allay sometimes causes knuckles scouring against the edge case for some carpenters with big hands.

As you saw, sometimes you need to stop the saw immediately. The featuring electric brake will stop the ripping blade within 3 seconds. Just release the trigger, the saw will stop soon. The built-in LED light will serve you, helping the cutting line clearer as you go.


  • 提供強大的電機,可提供5800 rpm,可實現驗證性能。
  • 使用鎂製成的部件使鋸穩健輕巧。
  • 通過在3秒內停止鋸,保護用戶引入電動破壞器。
  • The massive cutting depth and allows for bevel cuts with positive stops in a simple manner.

3. SKIL 5180-01 14-AMP,7-1 / 4英寸有線圓鋸 -Best for Money

SKIL 5180-01 14-Amp, 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

SKIL 5180-01 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw is another feature-rich circular saw in our analysis. It comes with a variety of motor ranges, but we experienced the saw with a 14-amp motor and found it better than other variation for several reasons.

From the price tag to performances, SKIL 5180-01 stands for all. The 14-amp powerful motor gets weekend or DIY projects mastered, leaving the craftsmen satisfied. The saw is lighter than the previous two models. It stands only 7.2 lbs.; it gives no fatigues while you saw.

The 14-amp motor is amazing for providing deep cut and bevel cuts efficiently. The saw can provide up to 51-degree bevel cuts with a positive stop at 45-degree. Enabling you to get 2-3/8-inch deep cut, you can slice through any board for making deck any others with a 20-teeth carbide blade.


To prevent accidental start off, what is quite common for a power tool, the saw is shielded with a guarded trigger. You can manipulate the trigger just by holding the grip. Once you release the grip, the saw will turn off.

Along with that, during making narrow cuts, you can minimize snags into zero by operating an anti-snag lower guard. And the featured dust blower will keep the cutting line, board and the surroundings clean. Featuring all these, the saw ensures your desired cuts all time.


  • 配有14安培電機,以獲得更多性能和更快的切割。
  • Featured a guarded trigger to prevent unwanted run and off quickly.
  • It weighs only 7.2 lbs. making the lightest circular saw.
  • Easy blade removal and changing by spindle lock and on-tool wrench.

4. Bosch CS10 15-amp 7-1/4-in Corded Circular Saw

Bosch CS10 7-1/4-Inch 15 Amp Circular Saw

Bosch CS10 7-1/4-Inch 15-amp Circular Saw is another wisely engineered circular saw putting durability and longevity in the core. While the performance is our standard, the roofer, framer and deck builder found it the best electric circular saw due to precision cutting.


The adjustment capacity for a variety of bevel cuts and depth cuts is the appreciating feature of the saw. The manufacturer took insightful care for the job. Featuring a bevel lever, switching between the targets has made the enticing feature of the Bosch corded circular saw.



The included 24-teeth carbide blade, tool wrench and carrying a bag along with desired cutting variation and precision all together make your investment double. Beyond that, it accompanies a saw hook for convenient storage.


  • 由15 AMP強大的電機運行,具有5800 rpm,用於更快和積極的切割。
  • 為提供穩定性和耐用性的鎂腳踏板。
  • Designed with bevel adjustment features for making bevel and deep cuts easy.
  • Built-in dust blower to keep the cutting line clean to ensure accuracy.

5. Makita 5007mg鎂7-1 / 4英寸有線圓鋸

Makita 5007mg鎂7-1 / 4英寸圓鋸

我們得到了來自Makita的另一個推薦鋸。它的5007毫克鎂7-1 / 4英寸圓鋸供電,有幾個Pro木匠功能。盡管它是一個重型電動工具,但鎂元件使其輕巧,平衡均衡,保持其他必要的功能完全運行。

通過提供5800 rpm的15-amp電機,它以更快和準確的切割擊敗其他大功率圓鋸。這意味著您可以通過眨眼間的任何最粗糙和最硬的材料切割。通過引入兩個內置LED燈的直線直線將確保每次努力都精確切割。

The Makita 5007mg circular saw comes with the massive cutting capacity. The saw featured a specialized blade with advanced tooth design targeting the dedicated framers. The ultra-coated blade further equipped with two-pointed tip and 10-degree double bevel faces for treating even the hardest materials faster and efficiently.

擴展的橡膠握是人體工程學和comfortable for longer use. And the space between the rear handle and the blade case will be a great sanctuary for artisans with bigger hands with gloves. Furthermore, space will offer a clearer view of the blade and the measurement scale to track the cutting line.

The featured built-in LED lights and dust blower are two game changer features of this Makita corded circular saw. If you worry for the danger of the changing blade of the saw, it makes it easier and no risk is involved as it offers a blade wrench along with saw for the convenient contract.


  • Featured a 15-amp motor that provides no load 5800 rpm for cutting efficiently.
  • Magnesium components to make less weight keeping all features well-functioning.
  • Ample space between the rear handle and the blade case for monitoring cutting and bigger hands with gloves.
  • Comes with an LED light and dust blower to ensure exact line of cutting.

Shopping Considerations

No matter what you like, be it worm winder or sidewinder, there are some essential factors you must carry in your mind. Your careful consideration of these factors will ensure the right saw for your carpentry.



當我們談論一個鋸,p的原型ower tool, it plays a significant role in making the right choice. First of all, no tool even can be labeled as a power tool without good muscle.

Therefore, checking the power capacity should be done first in case of purchasing a circular saw. Investigate what the amp rating is. It can be up to 15-amp, and the RPM (revolution per minute) is expected to be up to 5000 and more.

An ideal circular saw should have such a muscle power to slice through the materials efficiently. Don’t limit the power for a specific material. Who knows you need to encounter some hardest materials sometimes later.

Sometimes a circular saw needs to act like an ice skater to glide through the materials for artistic means. If you can manage a saw armed with a powerful motor, you can claim to have a professional workshop.


As you know, circular saws are a handheld power tool, and therefore, weight matters a lot. Can you deal with a heavyweight circular saw for a long time? Hope not, that’s why you need to put close attention on it.

No doubt, the weight of the saw should not interrupt in the process of cutting, as the saw cuts the materials by a motor and blade. But you like to manipulate the cutting process by pushing the saw towards materials for more precision.


So, try to get a saw with less weight. Saws which are made of magnesium components tend to be less weight and well-balanced. Check our corded circular saw reviews once again if needed; we have covered a couple of magnesium models there.

Blade Visibility

As long as you saw with a circular saw, tracking the cutting line is important for ensuring the exact cutting line each time. As the possibility of tracing the line is pretty difficult with a circular saw, it becomes a serious factor for shopping.

When right-hand circular saw and left-hand circular saw comes into existence, it makes sense. Well, what are they?

The saw with a blade in the right side of the motor is known as a right-hand circular saw. If you hold the main handle with your right hand giving the secondary handle to the left, nothing will cross over in this situation.



Though the saw is powered by a motor, you still have to lead it manually. That’s why you have to hold the saw tightly and comfortably. So, your saw should be well-shaped and well-fitted for your hand. The more well-shaped the saw is, the more comfortability you’ll get.

Here, the comfortability has another meaning. If you feel comfortable with the saw, it means you have enough control over the sawing activity. For example, you can manage a saw anyway for a flat cut facing no challenges. But when you need to have an angle cut, how can you convince your saw for precision cutting?



Precision Cutting



The blade is responsible for this feature. You can ensure desired cutting precision by purchasing a qualified blade. The top-notch and qualified blade can hike from 50 to 200 dollar.

Make sure your saw comes with a capable blade that can convince all types of materials for cutting with precision. In general, most of the saws don’t accompany the qualified blade.

Keep in mind that there aredifferent blades對於不同的材料。不要指望用刀片削減混凝土材料,刀片出生於切割木材。所以,在您下訂單之前,廣泛地了解它們。

You need to learn how to identify the right blade for the different materials you work with. The blade with the highest number of teeth will give you smoother and finer cuts. So, get the right blade to get the maximum benefits out of your circular saw.


Depth and bevel cuts are two of the common tasks of the circular saws. They feature a lever to adjust the depth and bevel of the saw. Even the blade guard is controlled by the lever. Therefore, the bigger lever brings more benefit. The bigger the lever is, the easier to adjust the depth and bevel for cutting.

On the other, the small one makes the process even harder, so the斜角和深度削減are. So, make sure, your circular saw is adorned with a bigger lever for adjusting bevel and depth cuts as well as it is easy to maneuver.


Even being a mature and experienced one, dropping the saw from a considerable height sometimes is quite normal while you saw. Thus, if it falls on the ground, it may cause severe loss. The part that supposed to get affected is the shoe or baseplate.

The rectangle-like base of the saw can protect the saw from severe trauma along with helping get desired cuts. So, you have to ensure the protection you need while you select the saw. A good shoe will not let the shoe (baseplate) bend when you drop the saw unconsciously.



Corded Circular Saw blade

Changing blade為了削減不同的材料是工匠的日常做法。有時你需要改變刀片,因為使用後它會變得遲鈍。你的鋸應該足夠重視,盡可能容易地使流程變得更加容易。

Luckily, a few circular saw models take the issue seriously by introducing a smart spindle lock. There will no perils if you manage to get the advantage out of this for easy swapping of the blade.


The last but the most important feature for any power tool is the safety feature. In the case of circular saws, an electric brake is an essential tool that your saw should have. It’ll stop the ripping saw whenever you need.

Before you kick off using the saw, the smart practice would belearning all the safetyprocedures and sawing hacks. If you lack the knowledge of how to use them, you’ll face injury even after having all the possible safety measure.


Let’s bust some myths about corded circular saw knowing the expert answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Sidewinder or worm driver – which is better for me?


Why should I choose a corded circular saw?

ANS。Corded circular saws are such a tool that belongs to every professional for good reasons. As it is corded, it has infinite runtime with an uninterrupted electricity connection or a generator nearby. They tend to feature 14-15-amp motor. Even a DIY model can convince some amazing cuts with precision. These are some of the highlighting reasons for shopping a corded model.

Final Words

As you go through the entire review post, I think getting the best corded circular saw is no longer tricky for you. All the models we reviewed function well and the price difference among them is not so significant. Once you can figure out what your projects require, the right saw would be one step away.

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