From rip cut to angle cut– a fair circular saw can be all-time favorite providing versatile and precision cutting.無論你是專家還是業餘愛好者,找到最好的無繩圓鋸都會讓你痛苦不已。

The shopping of a cordless circular saw is getting tougher with a wide variety of specifications and features available out there. We studied hundreds of cordless circular saw models to find the finest ones for our projects.



The following section shows what a cordless circular saw can offer you. And most significantly, how and what you can purchase to ensure you get the best battery circular saw. Read the experience-loaded reviews below and pick the one you like most.

1.脫蠟DCS391B 20伏最大鋰離子圓鋸

DEWALT DCS391B 20伏最大鋰離子圓鋸

DEWALT DCS391B 20-volt max li-ion circular saw is a product with the promised performance that justifies why DeWalt is the market leader. Featuring a powerful motor, lightweight design, robust footplate, and other essential things, DeWalt showcase another champion product for the pros and DIYers.

這款DeWalt無繩圓鋸具有一個功能強大的電機,可提取460 MWO,轉速為5150轉/分,適用於橫切和撕裂切割。切割2x4s和膠合板將在眨眼之間完成。這款獨特的馬達非常適合承包商和DIYER一起日複一日地工作。

DeWalt 20伏無繩圓鋸包括一個6.5英寸的硬質合金刀片。你可以在2¼英寸的深度內切割任何板材或膠合板兩次,將刀片設置為90度或15/8英寸深,將刀片設置為45度。該鋸還配置為提供高達50度的斜切。

Along with the strength in cutting and ripping, pushing forward the saw for feeding the workpiece for a long time would be easy as it weighs only 2 pounds. The footplate is made of magnesium that not only protects the saw from damage but also necessarily helps get precision cutting.


But we don’t like the price tag. As the saw comes without battery and charger, we expected to get it cheaper.


    • 野生切割速度為460兆瓦,轉速為5150轉。
    • 輕巧而耐用。沒有電池,它的重量隻有2磅。
    • Capable of delivering cross cuts, rip cuts. It also offers 0 to 50-degree bevel cuts.
    • 形狀良好的橡膠手柄,舒適且易於控製。

2. DEWALT DCS391P1 20V MAX Cordless Circular Saw


我們從德瓦爾特找到了另一個最好的電池驅動圓鋸。很難忘記DCS391P1 20V MAX 6-1/2英寸圓鋸套件在苛刻環境下的切割能力以及易用性是多麼高效和精確。作為主導品牌,它永遠不會讓你失望。

The power system is the most enticing feature. The motor has a 3700 RPM no-load speed with a 20V max battery that manipulates a 6 ½ inch carbide tipped blade for unbeatable cutting and ripping with a 5/8 diameter arbor. Some manufacturers tend to offer more powerful blades, but 6 ½ inch remains ideal.

The 6 ½ inch blade appears wild in cutting through materials twice in a single charge. The Dewalt Cordless Circular Saw is engineered to cut 0 t 50-degree angle with enough flexibility in the stops. If you set at 90-degree, you’ll get 2 ¼-inch depth cut, and 1 5/8-inch depth cut will be accomplished at 45-degree.

DeWalt 20v circular saw with battery features a magnesium footplate with a standard notch that ensures both jobsite durability and precision cutting. The line of cutting requires stability that is provided by the footplate. While shoe provides durability, the rubberized grip extends comfortability by shaping the grip to your hand.

DeWalt DCS391P1套件中包括一個5安培小時的可隨時使用鋰離子電池。除了具有所有用戶友好的功能外,DeWalt還有一些缺點。體重是我們不喜歡的方麵。它比同類產品重。


    • Features a 6 ½ -inch standard blade for cutting and ripping efficiently.
    • Allows 0 to 50-degree bevel cuts providing enough flexibility to switch.
    • Tool-free adjustment with a built-in lever.
    • 橡膠握把和鎂合金鞋,確保現場耐用性和精準度。

3. Milwaukee M18 2630-20 Cordless Circular Saw

Milwaukee 2630-20 cordless circular saw

Milwaukee 2630-20 cordless circular saw comes from a celebrated American power tool manufacturer. They introduced this series for those who like to own a capable cordless circular saw with performance within the budget. We later find the saw in the top rated cordless circular saws.


Featuring a 40-teeth carbide-tipped blade, the Milwaukee 18 volt cordless circular saw provides a variety of cuts including ripping cuts, angle cuts, bevel cuts, and more. The saw is engineered to provide 0 to 50-degree blade adjustment so that you can get the best bevel cuts with precision. Besides, up to 1 ½-inch depth cut is possible with the saw.

Ready to appreciate its safety concern. Milwaukee introduced an electric brake to stop the spinning blade. Whenever you need to stop the blade, just press the brake and move forward. It means you don’t need to wait for the blade to stop spinning and waste time waiting for this regard.



    • 頂級無繩圓鋸,比其他類似鋸便宜。
    • 提供40齒刀片的切割品種,包括50度角切割。
    • 配有電動製動器,可停止旋轉葉片。
    • Compact and ergonomically designed rubberized handgrip.

4.Makita XSS02Z 18v 6-1/2〃電池驅動圓鋸

Makita Xss02z Cordless Circular Saw

Makita XSS02Z 18v LXT 6-1/2〃無繩圓鋸機專為專家和初學者設計,以簡單易用為核心。您將以全新的氛圍和體驗,以創新和用戶友好的功能,開始新的木工課程。


What we like most is the innovative battery. You’ll be notified when you put excessive load over the saw. If the battery reaches an over-discharge condition, the system will postpone the sawing to protect the battery. The battery will be protected by stopping the sawing when it gets overheated.

The 7.3-pound circular saw (excluding battery) is lighter than another saw that reduces user fatigue. When compact design collaborates with a comfortable hand grip soften by rubber, comfortability reaches to another height.

它還有一個鞋添加的鎂s further the durability for any jobsite and helps get precision in cutting and ripping.


    • Provides high torque and 3700 RPM for faster and precision cutting.
    • 鎂合金鞋確保了現場的耐用性和精確的切割線。
    • 結構緊湊、重量輕,不會導致用戶疲勞。
    • 多功能切割,包括角度切割和0至50度斜角切割。

5. BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20C 20V MAX 5-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular Saw


BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX 5-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular Saw presents another easy to use cordless circular saw within budget. Featuring a high torque powerful motor, the saw makes you slice through hardest and toughest materials with precision.

Presenting a host of features, the Black and Decker will offer you a professional vibe even though you’re a novice. From safety to versatile cutting capacity, the saw will leave you satisfied.

The featuring motor can let you go almost without a break with 4300 RPM (revolution per minute) for a different cutting need. It comes without the battery. However, it is compatible with any of the Black & Decker 20V Max system.

It is equipped with an adjustable shoe that provides efficient bevel cuts with two positive stops at 45-degree and 90-degree. Along with bevel cut, it lets you get angle cuts. All are done with a carbide-tipped blade.



    • High torque motor that provides 4300 rpm for efficient cutting.
    • The show is engineered for excellent bevel cuts and angle cuts.
    • Featured a dust blower for providing a clear line of cutting.
    • Compact design and lightweight.

What to Consider When Buying a Cordless Circular Saw



Cordless Circular Saw Reviews



刀片的速度是這樣一種東西,可以給出一個關於給定圓鋸的電池功率的明確提示。它通常被稱為RPM(每分鍾轉數). As per our observation, a seamless circular saw should have the capacity to spin the blade up to 4500 to 6000 RPM speed.



Brushed or brushless is another specification of the motor bringing momentous impact on the performance. Brushless motor in cordless saws is comparatively newer and started to win the woodworkers’ choice with a positive impact. More aggressively, some people started to consider it an essential feature.

If you have a brushless motor, you’ll experience less friction and, therefore, less vibration while a brushes model irritates you. It is what made the brushless model more practical and power-efficient.


We cannot think of a power tool withoutproper safety protection.由於電鋸有很長的受傷記錄,因此我們隻能考慮使用電鋸提供足夠的安全功能。大多數與鋸子有關的傷害都是鋸片和異常啟動的原因。

Luckily, manufacturers introduced a couple of tools to mitigate the fear of an accident. The blade guard is one such a tool that guards the spinning blade when it is not in use. Another safety tool is a trigger button that makes it easier to stop the spinning blade whenever you need it.

Apart from these, you need to ensure more safety by yourself. Try to use protective glasses, ear protection, and gloves– no matter how small the assignment is.



Charging Time





You’ve already realized how important the blade is. The relation between the saw and the blade should be sound. The accompanying blade sometimes is not good enough for the intended cutting requirements. Thankfully, the manufacturers describe why the blade is made, and you should use them. Read the description and start using it.





The price tag of both corded or cordless circular saw quite identical. And can be controlled by your needs and preferences. The cordless option comes in two faces– with battery or without battery. Getting a cordless saw with a battery is better than without a battery. Though that’d be a little bit expensive, it’ll save some extra money. If you purchase the battery separately, try to get one from the same brand.



Whenever you like, you can easily store the saw in a bin. Remove the battery and throw the saw in a bin. So, make sure your saw is small enough to store in a tiny space.






它們都來自同一個圓鋸家族,具有幾乎相同的特征,但有一些不同。主要區別在於電源。繩狀圓鋸188bet官方app下载are run by taking power directly from the electricity. On the other hand, the cordless saws depend on the battery. As you guess, the corded are more powerful compared to cordless ones.

As the power makes the corded wild, the capacity of the corded models is wilder than its counterpart. While cutting much thicker materials is easier by a corded model, the cordless seems to fit best with less thick materials. Having been said that, it depends on your demands.

If you like to slice through thicker materials and have no issue with electricity or a power generator nearby, a corded saw should be the best for you. Again, if you aim the heavy-duty woodworking, I find nothing better than a corded saw. Similarly, a cordless saw is enough for medium-duty woodworking.


We’re going to pen down here after sharing the top 5 cordless circular saw reviews. You can purchase any circular saw online or from a local store. But to find the best cordless circular saw, you need to go through some considerations as you expect the finest offerings for your dream project. The above review carries all the nitty-gritty of what you like to see in the workshop.

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