Best Electric Pole Saws in 2022 – [Top Picks & Reviews]

Pole saws are of various types. Among all its kinds the gas, battery, and electricity generated ones are more popular. Traditionally the gas-powered saws were mostly used. All three types of pole saws cut perfectly and give effective results.


Among these two, the battery-powered pole saw fail to deliver uninterrupted service due to the need for frequent charging. Thus, among these three popular pole saws, the electric pole saws are the clear winner.

The electric pole saws deliver clean energy service without any interruption. If you are looking forward to buying a pole saw, the electric pole saws will be the best choice.


5 Best Electric Pole Saw Reviews of 2022


1. Greenworks 20192 6.5 Amp 8-inch Corded Pole Saw

Greenworks 20192 6.5 Amp 8-inch Corded Pole Saw



This expandable piece is made of aluminum making it extremely light in weight. It has 3 extensions to make it long. You can easily reach the crown part of trees with its 8 ft expanded pole. This long extension won’t create a problem for you to handle. The pole includes handy rubber grips for holding effortlessly.


這Greenworks 20192 6.5安培8英寸繩杆aw has an automatic oiling facility that keeps the chain lubricated on the go. You do not have to do this hassling task manually and spill oil here and there. Its automatic lubrication ensures the durability and efficiency of the chain blade. It facilitates smooth and effortless cutting.


    • User-friendly pole saw with simple structure and operating system.
    • 3 aluminum extension shafts extend it to 8ft.
    • 易於維護係統。
    • The automatic oiling system keeps the chain bar lubricated uninterruptedly.

2. Worx WG309電杆鋸和電鋸具有自動張力

Worx WG309電極鋸和電鋸具有自動張力

What could be better than paying for one and getting two? This 2 in 1 Worx electric pole saw is a versatile pruning machine that has been designed thinking about your convenience. It can be changed from a pole saw to a handheld chain saw in no time. This saw can function efficiently as both saws without any interruption.

The Worx Wg309 electric pole saw 10-inch has an ergonomic structure. It has a unique rotatable handle allowing you to make cuts even more swiftly. You can rotate the whole saw while cutting as per your requirements by the grace of this distinctive rotatable handle. Now you can make any cut without getting hindered.

As for the extension, it can go as high as 8 ft to make cuts on the higher parts of trees. The extending task is super easy for this pole saw. You can easily connect the extensions which require no tool for installation. Within just a few seconds you can increase the length of your pole to reach the high parts.

Worx 10-in 8-amp corded electric pole saw has a highly powerful motor of total 8Amp to help it generate maximum power for pruning. You can cut through moderate tree limbs to thicker branches with its high torque generating power. It generates a blade rotating speed of about 8.5 meters per second uninterruptedly.

When you clip off the extension it turns into a handheld chainsaw. It has a satisfactory structural design exclusively made for this transformation. The cutting head includes a separate handle and a power switch on it. The electric cording of this saw is also added with the head so that the chain saw can be powered separately. Thus, you can swiftly change this pole saw into a chainsaw and perform multiple tasks with this.


    • This pole saw can be transformed into a chainsaw.
    • It has a unique rotatable high grip handle which helps in rotating the saw while cutting.
    • 電氣產生高強度強大的8.5揚電動機。
    • Automatic chain lubricating system with tool-free adjustment method.

3. Sun Joe SWJ803E Electric Multi-Angle Telescopic Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe SWJ803E Electric Multi-Angle Telescopic Pole Chain Saw

Generally, the cutting head of the pole saws come either in a straight angle or in a slightly bent form to the pole. You get in either way. But with this exclusive Sun Joe SWJ803E electric pole saw you get the versatility of multiple angles for cutting your trees. No more fixed to a single option. You can adjust this flexible cutting head to your required angle from 0oto 30o

With the angled to the straight cutting head, you can easily fit it any unreachable spot and make cuts. The 10-inch chain bar is very effective in its job. The chain is automatically lubricated uninterruptedly which increases its durability. Without any tension of oiling and maintenance, you do your pruning job smoothly.

Safety is a big issue for a pole saw. The blade of the saw remains very sharp for cutting through thick tree branches. Small mistakes can lead to huge accidents if protective measures are not confirmed. This Sun Joe electric pole saw stresses highly onsafety factors並確保對您的最大保護。從安全開關到保護刀片護套,這一掃驗證了整體保護。

The power button of the saw is held on the handle for facilitating the instant start of the saw. You can have a firm grip and control of its power both at once with its ergonomic handle design. The cord of the Sun Joe electric pole chainsaw is extended from the back of the handle to avoid cord tangling while working. You can also pack it and tie the cord on the cord hook given on the handle.

這個Sun Joe 10英寸8 AMP多角度伸縮電極鏈鋸有一個罕見的杆延伸特征。您不需要通過添加擴展和額外的工具為此鋸進行的麻煩。憑借其伸縮杆延長係統,所有您所要做的就是鬆開它並延伸杆。這是一個非常簡單的任務,可以在轉到上增加長達8.8英尺。


    • Flexible cutting head with angle capacity from 0oto 30o
    • 10 inches chain bar with an automatic lubricating facility.
    • Ergonomic handle with instant start facility.
    • Tool-free telescoping pole extension system.

4. Remington RM1035P Ranger II Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw & Chainsaw for Tree Trimming & Pruning

Remington RM1035P Ranger II Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw & Chainsaw

This pole saw from Remington is the most special one from all of them. This high functional Remington RM1035P electric pole saw has features of all other saws discussed so far all in one place. From multi-functionality to a sophisticated operating system, it has it all.

It is a 2 in 1 pole saw like the one from Worx. It can be transformed from a pole saw to a chain saw in no time. But the structural design of this saw is completely different than the former. This Remington 8 amp electric pole saw has separable body parts. The handle, pole and the cutter head are all detachable. Its handle and the cutting head are removed from the pole connection and connected separately to form the chain saw.


The cutting head is the main part of every saw and so is for this one too. It includes the cutting blade with a narrow kerf chain. You can easily adjust the chain with its tool-free simple knob tension adjustment system. Just behind the bar chain is the bucking spike which helps in tackling kickbacks. There is also a branch hook for you to tear off cut branches.

And lastly the pole. The most important part of a pole saw. This Remington 10 in 8 amp corded electric pole saw
has a telescoping extending system like the one from Sun Joe. The extensions remain secured by a clamp. All you have to do is unclamp it to extend the bar.


    • 可拆卸的身體部位允許將杆鋸變成電鋸。
    • Multifunctional handle with firm handling capacity.
    • The cutting head includes bucking spikes to avoid kickbacks.
    • 有一個伸縮杆延伸係統。

5. SUN JOE SWJ800E 8英寸6.5-AMP伸縮電杆鋸

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8英寸6.5-AMP伸縮電杆鏈鋸

It is another pole saw from Sun Joe to rank the top list. This pole has a straight cutting head configuration, unlike the other one. Rigid body and sturdy structure make it highly capable of heavy pruning jobs.

This Sun Joe swj800e 8 in. 6.5 amp electric pole chainsaw will help you in your garden trimming to pruning projects. It works robustly to cut through fallen branches, overhanging twigs and even thick branches up to 7.5 inches thick. The 6.5Amp motor is powered by electricity to generate a high blade rotating speed of about 6000 RMP to cut smoothly without any hindrance.

It uses an 8 Inch chain blade with a low kickback effect. The chain is continuously lubricated during working with its automatic oiling system. You have to fill the oil tank placed on the cutting head before you start working. Chain tension is also an important issue for making smooth cuts. You can easily manage it with its easy knob chain tensioning system.


隨著fac長杆需要額外的控製和處理ilities, this Sun joe electric pole saw offers them all. Its long rubber grip on the body and well-designed handle helps in holding the pole tightly without slip. You can effortlessly carry the whole pole saw over the top with the help of this comfortable grip.


    • 5 Amp motor generates 6000 RMP no-load speed to cut through small to large branches smoothly.
    • Uses 8 inches chain bar blade with low kickback.
    • Can be extended up to 8.7 ft to reach an overhead distance of 15 ft.
    • Includes foam grips on the body for comfortable handling.


總重要的是了解核心的事實ors of the material before making a deal. Here I have listed some of the significant ones to look for while shopping.

Power of the Motor


The more powerful the saw is the more effective its work will be. So, the first thing to look for before buying a saw is its power. The motor must be efficient enough to convert the energy effectively.

Amp is the unit of electricity that can be consumed by a motor to generate power. It denotes how much energy the motor can take without being overheated. High Amp of a motor indicates it can generate more power without getting heated.



The position of the cord for an electric pole saw is important. When you will be using your saw if the cord is not placed in a convenient spot, it will tangle around and create problems.

Cord of different pole saws is placed in different positions. Maximum times it is placed based on the functionality purpose. Some have the cord attached to the cutting head and some to the handle or at the edge of the pole.

In order to have a tangle-free cutting experience, it is better to have pole saws with the cord placed on the edge of the pole just behind the handle. This position keeps the cord away from the pole while working.

Pole Extensions

Electric Pole Saw Pole Extensions

Different pole saws have different methods of extending its length. Some need extensions that are later connected with the existing pole to increase in length. Among such pole, some extensions have a tool-free installation system. They are much easier to connect.

Again, some have advanced telescoping extending features. These work with clamps. For extending these poles, it is simply unclamped and extended. Such poles can be extended right away and easier to use.



The most dangerous thing for pole saws is the kickback effects whilecutting branches。When the blade is working against hard surfaces it is likely to have a reaction force working back to the blade. Such kickbacks can be very immense in force. This can result in serious accidents and injuries.

To avoid these, many pole saws are constructed focusing on this efficient service with lower kickback effect. Such pole saws include bucking spikes. These remain fixed to the cutting head just behind the cutting blade to minimize kickbacks. Besides the safety chain blades are also effective in reducing kickbacks.

FAQs about Electric Pole Saws

In this section, I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about electric pole saws. If you have a new question, you can go ahead and ask in the comment box below. I will be happy to answer your questions as soon as I can.


電杆鋸比他們的對應物更好。與...不同,這些鋸是友好的環境友好the gas pole saws。The electric ones do not emit harmful smoke and deliver smooth service creating less noise. They do not even need extra maintenance from time to time. They are more durable and competent in their work. As they get constant power, they deliver nonstop service without interruption. Considering all these factors, electric saws are far better than the others.




Yes, electric pole saw requires external extension cords for powering the device. The electric pole saws have cords with a very short length which needs to be connected to a power source. In order to do so, an extension cord is used. Usually, the extension cord for electric pole saws remains very long to assist in maneuverability.

How Long an Electric Pole Saw Can Be?



As you have to go from trees to trees for making multiple cuts either for your regular garden trimming or hired projects, electric pole saws will be most reliable.

You can get continuous service without any requirement for breaks. You can finish your job in one go. They are environment friendly and easy to use too. Besides they also give consistent service for a long time. So, once you invest in one of the best corded electric chainsaws, you don’t have to change it anytime soon.

That’s why my opinion would be to get yourself a good quality corded pole saw from the above list.I think you have already gone through my electric pole saw reviews, but to give you a more coherent idea, I would suggest you go forRemington RM1035P Ranger II。它擁有最好的電杆鋸的所有品質,將是每一分錢的價值。

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