Best Manual Pole Saws for Tree Trimming – [Details Reviewed]

The question isn’twhy “should use a manual pole saw?”. The question is “why not use a manual pole saw?”.

Manual pole saw is a very effective and handy device for using for yard cleaning jobs. This simple structure tool will help you get through all your garden mess starting from prickly bushes to high tree extensions.

And what it costs to do all these?

Almost nothing compared to its powered counterparts. The manual saws are much more affordable, environmentally friendly, safer, and more effective tools. Using the best manual pole saw, you can experience the difference I am talking about.

Our Top Picks

5 Best Manual Pole Saw in 2021

Among all the hand pole saws available in the market, I have handpicked only 5 best rated manual pole saws here. I hope it will make your search more thorough and effective.

1. Notch 40207 Manual Pole Saw –Editor Choice

Notch 40207 Manual Pole Saw

The first manual pole saw to rank the top list is the pole saw set from Notch. This sophisticated tool is designed to make your pruning easier and more affordable. Small backyard works to professional jobs, this Notch pole saw can assist you in all.

The highlighting feature for this saw is its extreme lightweight. It becomes hard to manage the long pole if the tool has a heavyweight. You have to carry and balance the long pole both at once while working. Focusing on this, Notch brought out this effective tool that weighs only 8.4 pounds including all its extensions.

The structure of the pole includes 3 sections. Each of 6ft long. These are constructed by fiberglass to retain a sturdy body without adding on to the weight. You can easily connect each section swiftly with its interlocking mechanism.

Its cutting head includes a heavy-duty chrome plated 15 inches long blade. The long blade gives you more cutting surface to make cuts faster and easier. Its rust-resistant structure makes it durable for heavy use.

On the top, it includes a pulling hook. This hook will assist you to get rid of hanging tree limbs and twigs. It is better to avoid the use of a blade to remove the loose limbs. This will decrease the sharpness of the blade teeth. Instead, use this functional hook to do so.

Key features

    • Comes at a very affordable price compared to others.
    • Very light in weight. Easy to manage.
    • 3 fiberglass poles connected by a simple interlocking system.
    • The cutting head includes a 15 inches long blade and a pulling hook.

2. Silky HAYAUCHI Manual Pole Saw –Premium Pick

Silky HAYAUCHI Manual Pole Saw

The main purpose of the pole saw is to reach hightree branches for pruning. The higher it can reach the better it is. And this saw from Silky is an example of such a functional pole saw. This mighty pole saw can assist you in reaching about 25 feet overhead to trim branches of long trees.

Its telescoping pole remains locked with a high-quality clamp lock system. It has 3 locks that can be unlocked step by step to extend the pole thrice. You can extend it from a range of 8ft to up to 21 ft.

Despite its unbelievable length, the saw has a portable weight. Its aluminum structure makes it very light. You can easily carry and balance it without any difficulty.

This long Silky HAYAUCHI pole has an incredible 15.4 inches blade. Long blade functions more effectually in delivering quick cuts. You can effortlessly cut off branches with a few strokes using this blade. This makes trimming more effective and faster.

The long blade of this saw contains about 5.5 teeth per inch. These are made extremely sharp to cut from the first stroke. Handling such a sharp item can be very dangerous. To ensure maximum safety for you during handling and storing, this saw provides a protective blade sheath. This will help you handle the tool safely.

Key features

    • Has an overhead reaching capacity of 25 ft. Best for pruning long trees.
    • Light in weight and easy to carry.
    • 4 inches long blade which contains 5.5 teeth per inch.
    • Includes a protective sheath.

3. Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot Extendable Tree Pruning Stick Pruner (92406935K) –Best for the Money

This is a versatile manual tree pruning device. This saw from Fiskars has a double head system where you can have both a pruning stick and 15 inches pruning blade. You can use one at a time to accomplish all your pruning jobs.

The pruning stick has a rope less structure different from the traditional ones. This eliminates all the issues regarding rope handling and tangling. It allows you to work with your both hands and operate more efficiently.

這Fiskars手動杆鏈傳動赫亞ring system of rope less mechanism. It works with a sliding handle which allows maximum strength for cutting.

The cutting head of the tool is flexible. Just release the tension of the thumb lock and the head will be flexible to move swiftly. It gives you a total rotating capacity of 230o.

This tool helps you to cut not only vertically but also horizontally. The thick prickly bushes are quite hard to reach and clean. Using this manual pole saw pruner, you can effortlessly clean them by extending the pole to reach the impossible areas.

It makes efficient cuts vertically too. To cut the thicker branches, you are given the opportunity of attaching the 15 inches tri edged teeth saw blade. With its total pack, you can complete your pruning job holistically.

Key features

    • Versatile pruning saw with double cutting blade options.
    • Rope free structure with a chain drive gear mechanism.
    • Flexible cutting head with a rotating capacity of 230o.
    • Can make cuts both horizontally and vertically.

4. Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Manual Pole Purner

Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Manual Pole Purner

This pole saw from Jameson also falls in the category of easy functionality and affordable price. Within a very compressed budget, you can get an efficient manual pole saw of your desire.

它的特色是它的葉片。它有最長的blade compared to others in this manual pole saw reviews list. This Jameson manual pole saw has a long 16 inches blade to deliver efficient service. The tri edge sharp teeth arrangement of the blade ensures clean and faster cuts.

The blade of the saw is attached to the cutting head with the help of a wingnut. This makes it easy to change the blade anytime effortlessly. You can also adjust the angle of the blade with this.

The cutting head also includes a strong, fully functional pulling hook. This will help you to pull off the loose hanging branches after the cut. It’s made strong enough to pull out branches without breaking off.

Its main body is made of aluminum. It has a robust structure but comparatively very light in weight. This helps in easy maneuverability and balancing.

Each pole is about 6ft. The total body consists of 3 of such poles. All together they reach a length of about 18ft. You can easily connect the poles with its tool-free leaf spring locking system. This gives a secure connection without any breakage.

Key features

    • Has a 16 inches long blade ensuring a maximum cut in one stroke.
    • The cutting head includes pulling hook for removing hanging branches.
    • Made of aluminum. Has a sturdy but light body.
    • Can be extended to a length of 18ft to reach high branches.

5. Fiskars Chain Drive 7–16 Foot Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner (394631-1001)

Fiskars Chain Drive 7–16 Foot Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner (394631-1001)

這是另一個杆從Fiskars也a 2 in 1 pruning system. The main difference is in its mechanism. This pruner works through a chain drive gearing system that is operated by a rope.

This Fiskars manual pole saw has a ground steel pruner on the cutting head. This effective pruner has the capability of cutting from a range of 1 to 1.25 inches. You can chop off all the unwanted twigs and prickles with this.

The cutting head also includes the 15 inches long saw blade along with the manual pole pruner. Its long saw blade can cut thick branches efficiently. This blade is used only to make cuts vertically.

You have the total freedom to choose anyone of them for your job while they remain attached to the cutting head together. You can also take off the saw blade anytime by unscrewing the wingnuts.

The pole of the saw has a telescoping extending feature. Each section is attached by a double locking system. It slides to extend swiftly but locks firmly to avoid any sort of accident.

Its whole structure is designed focusing on the user’s convenience. From the pole shape to the construction material, all have been planned so that you can have a great experience of using it.

Key features

    • 2 in 1 pruning facility with a pruner and saw blade.
    • An advanced pruning mechanism gives more strength for cutting effectively.
    • Unique shaped pole for maximum comfort while use.
    • Efficient pole extension lock system.

Manual pole saw reviews

FAQs about Manual Pole Saw

In this section, I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about manual tree trimmers. If you have a question, please check them out before you write it in the comment section below.

Why should I use a manual pole saw?

Ans.There is not one, but multiple reasons why you should be using a manual pole saw. The first and most highlighting reason would be its price range. This fascinating pole saw is much cheaper than most of its powered counterparts.

You can get a manual pole saw within a very low budget and also get your tree trimming job done effectively. Not only price-wise, but it is an environmentally friendly tool too. You get to do your job without having to harm any part of your environment. You can do your necessary trims peacefully without any loud machine sound.

The manual pole saws are much lighter in weight and easy to carry than the machine ones. Thus, despite the physical task, it won’t tire you off easily. It is much safer and easier to use.

How thick of a branch a manual pole saw can cut off?

Ans.The cutting thickness of the saw depends on the length of its blade. The longer the blade the longer the cutting surface.

Normally, a manual pole saw with a 15” long blade can cut off branches up to 1.5” thick. Smaller blades can make similar cuts with a few more extra strokes.

How do I use a manual pole saw?

Ans.Using a manual pole saw is very easy. The saw does not require any external power source and functions using physical labor.To use a manual pole saw, at first you have to fix the blade at the cutting edge. Tighten and fix the required angle of cutting if have the flexibility of doing so. Then extend the pole to the required length to reach the designated tree branch.

After all the preparations, now you can start cutting. It is better totake safetymeasures like wearing a helmet before starting. Stand a little far maintaining distance from the branch to be cut.

A manual pole saw has a pull stroke mechanism. For cutting a branch, put your saw on the designated branch and apply pressure every time you pull it. After each pull, relax your muscle for a second and then cut again. This will make cutting more effective without wearing you off.

How long a manual pole saw can be?

Ans.Manual pole saws remain so long. Their simple structure allows them to be extended to a very big in length. On average, they have a length of around 10 to 18ft. The highest length that is achieved is about 20ft. With such an incredible length you can easily reach the crown of long trees.

How to maintain a manual pole saw?

Ans.Maintaining a manual pole sawis not a hard task. The most importance is given to its blade as it is the main cutting element. Such saws have long blades with tri edge teeth arrangement. It is very important to have sharp teeth for effective cutting.

To start servicing, first oil the blade and brush off the sawdust from it. It is better to use a brass bristle brush so that the teeth do not get damaged or become dull. Then hold tight the blade using a clamp tool. Use a knife file and startsharpening the teethone at a time. You can start filing with either the back or front edge of the tooth and continue up to the end of the blade.

After finishing one side start doing the other. This will help you file all teeth efficiently without any miss. For the side of the blade, use sandpaper to clean off built-up dirt. And as for the basic cleaning always clean the pole of the saw with a damp cloth after every use.

Final Words

Manual pole saws are not too tricky in terms of functionality. Its simple structure and operating system are the main reason behind its popularity everywhere. People of any age can use this tool. But the effectivity and versatility in functions are also important aspects to be looked for while buying a manual pole saw.

Considering all aspects, as per my opinion,the pole saw from Silky HAYAUCHIhas all the important features and shows great efficacy in function to be the best manual pole saw.

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