How to Change A Dremel Bit – Step by Step Guide

Everybody loves Dremel tools because of their versatility. You can perform multiple types of actions using a Dremel tool. But have you ever wondered why it is so versatile? Well, this is because the device comes with numerous bits, which means you can perform a lot of tasks with a single machine.All you need to know is how to change a Dremel bit.

Changing tool bits may be trickier for some users. But this shouldn’t stop you from getting the advantages of a power tool. Read through the whole article to get a clear idea ofthe most comfortable way of changing Dremel bits.

How to Take Dremel Bits 0ff

Change a dremel bit

The great thing about a Dremel tool is, you’ll hardly need another tool to change bits. You’ll just need the new bit while you want to replace the old one. Follow the step by step guidelines, and get your job done!

Step 1: Unplug Your Dremel

Many of you may wonder why I am mentioning such a common-sense thing. However, I don’t think it is wise to avoid mentioning a safety measure when talking about a power tool. Hence, it would be best if you always unplugged your Dremel before you start changing bits. As for the cordless ones, you have to remove the batteries.

Now, we can go further into the process.

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Step 2: Shaft Lock Button

Dremel tools got a shaft lock button. You’ll find it near the front part of your instrument. The switch keeps Dremel bits from ejecting while you’re working. Press the shaft lock button down and hold it. This process will loosen the Dremel bit.

Step 3: Unscrew the Metal Collet

At the frontal part of the machine, you will see the metal collet. This does also keeps the button in its place. As you are holding the shaft lock button with one hand, start unscrewing the metal collet with your free hand.

This may seem somewhat tight at the beginning. Sometimes, you may need to use elbow grease as well. But, most of the time, you’ll find it very easy to unscrew the metal collet, especially if your rotary tool is new.

Step 4: Remove the Plastic Housing

Near the metal collet, you will find another thing called a plastic house. This supports some internal parts of the tool. In order to change bits, you have to remove it either. But, this is not much of a hassle. You can unscrew it with your hand.

Step 5: Removing the Metal Collet

As you can see, we are not yet done with removing the metal collet. After unscrewing the plastic housing, it is now absolutely possible to remove the metal collet.

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How to Attach a Dremel Bit

A drill rotary tool with accessories

Now that you’ve everything removed and left open, you attach a new bit and put things together again. Here is the step by step guideline:

Step 1: Put the Bit On

This time, the actions will reverse, which means you will do at first what you did at last when it comes to assembling the Dremel again. The action will start with attaching the bit at the end of the metal collet.

Step 2: Reattach the Plastic Housing

After putting the bit on, reattach the plastic housing. But, don’t tighten the screw, you’ve to do it later.

Step 3: Insert the Collet Nut

Now, put the collet nut into the shaft. The bit is already in the collet. Start moving the nut to tighten it. Once you have the bit securely placed, press the shaft button.

Step 4: Tighten the Plastic Housing

As the bit is already in its place, tighten the plastic housing. Don’t ever leave the housing loose. That’s it; your Dremel bit is now ready touse. Go try it!

In Closing

Alright! Hopefully, this article will make your life easier when you work with a Dremel. Now that you know how to remove the old Dremel bit and attach a new one, you will be able to take full advantage of a Dremel rotary tool.

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