Pole saw, what we know, is a saw which has a long pole for assisting you in making long-distance vertical cuts.

In the pole saw world, you will find different types of them. If you do not have a basic idea about them, you will be lost in this big number of pole saw types. If you also forget about which brand to choose, you won’t be able to find which one you actually need. You will be trapped in an infinite number of choices surrounding you.

The ultimate solution to this to get out of this loop is to start with gaining basic knowledge about different types of pole saws.

10 Types of Pole Saws

Types of Pole Saws




  • Manual pole saw
  • Powered pole saw



Manual pole sawas the name suggest, is the pole saw that requires physical labor to function. You have to operate such pole saws with your own strength. This type of saw remains very simple in structure and mechanism.


Moreover, they come at a much affordable price compared to their counterparts. All these attractive attributes of these pole saws make them very famous among the majority of the arborists.


  • 正常手動杆鋸
  • Tree pruner

2. Normal Manual Pole Saw


These are the general manual pole saws that we find in the market when asking for a manual pole saw. Such pole saws typically remain very long in length. Their pole can be extended to a far distance in order to reach higher branches of the tree.

You can reach an average height from 10 to a shocking 20 feet high standing on the ground. This might sound insane but manual pole saws are indeed very capable.



Tree Pruner

A tree pruner or hand pruner is a type of tool used for pruning small twigs and vines. Many trees cover itself with small limbs which make it very dense and ruin its look. For such small cleaning jobs, you do not need the extreme long pole saw. that’s when the tree pruner is used.


The difference is in their cutting head. The cutting head of the tree pruners is completely different than the usual. They consist of a sharp small cutter on their head which is operated using pulleys. The cutting head includes two pulleys on the upper and lower part. Its mechanism includes a rope that has to be operated manually for cutting.

4. Powered Pole Saw


Powered pole saws are the ones that function automatically once you power them. They are powered using an external energy source. These pole saws eliminate the fuss of manual labor and do the work mechanically.


Powered pole saws can be again classified into two groups based on the powering medium that is the wire. Such as:

  • Corded pole saw
  • 無繩杆鋸




Ideal examples of such pole saws are:

  • Electric pole saw
  • 液壓杆鋸

6. Electric Pole Saw

Electric Pole Saw

Electric pole sawsare the powered saws that function utilizing electric energy. Such pole saws deliver uninterrupted power nonstop. Only electric failure may result in a break in work. The body of the electric pole saws remains very light in weight as they do not include any powering element on their body. They are extremely maneuverable.



# 預習 Product 評分
1 Limbinator液壓鋸,型號LS8 Limbinator液壓鋸,型號LS8 4條評論

8. Cordless Pole Saw



A wide number of cordless pole saws are found in the market. I have included a short description for you after naming some.

  • 氣極鋸
  • 電池供電的杆鋸



你需要重型性能,然後沒有替代方案gas pole saws。它們是能夠切割笨重的樹枝的強大杆鋸。它們大大用於森林清潔和大tree trimmingprojects.



Battery-powered Pole Saw

The battery-powered pole saws are the most advanced form of pole saws to be used nowadays. Such pole saws typically use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. These use clean energy and thus environment friendly. They pose no harm to the environment and human health.


Final Words

All pruning tasks are not similar. Big projects need the heavy-duty ones, whereas your small garden can fit well with the normal ones. Each type of pole saw is specialized in their own task. All you have to do is know which one is used for what.

All of them have their reason behind their making. None of them are made thoughtlessly. Each has its own capabilities and attributes.

Knowing which one is suitable for your work can make your job a lot easier. That’s why it is important to have knowledge of different types of pole saws without skipping any.

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